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Prelude: Heading For The Golden Hall / Storms Of Asgard


Prelude: Heading for The Golden Hall

With the cold northern wind we travel
We're on a journey of a lifetime
And we'll fight many battles on our way

We'll trample the bodies of the dead as we travel
We'll go on ‘til the day we die
And reach our destination:
The golden gates of Valhalla!

Lyrics: VÀÀnÀÀnen
Music: Löf

Storms of Asgard

A desolate aeon has passed since the demise of our crown
A tragic end which made hecates and predictors wail
But dragons still sleep tranquil in proud heathen hearts

At first they came wearing their most innocent masques
Telling vikings vague stories about a nazarene whelp
While keeping their swords drawn behind their backs


Storms of Asgard
Engulf the unfaithful
Storms of Asgard
Reclaim your throne

They spread their odius thorns all over northern soil
Some unfaithful sheeps swore allegiance to them
But some rather died

Their craving and megalomania became too much
Raping northern soil before pagan eyes spawned hate
There where great battles but the outcome were not

The pagans volcanic wrath is still alive in our hearts
And the white veil which still covers us
Will be torn apart

Repeat chorus

By PhMetal

Compositor: Lyrics: Kristensson Music: Löf/lindgren/vintras

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