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Overseas (feat. Zack Fox)


It Is What It Is

Girl you're so fly (So fly)
You really on my mind (My mind)
Let's not waste anymore time
I'll just meet you overseas
We can do it on the plane
I just wanna be with you
I wanna meet you in Brazil
Take you to a place that you never been before
We can just lay on the beach
And just fall asleep, or maybe meet up in Japan
Maybe we can just hold hands
Let's go get you gold and diamond
Maybe meet up in Russia
Meet up in Russia
I don't really care who sees
Let's join the mile high club

[Zack Fox:]
Ladies and gentlemen, this is uh, your captain speakin'
Gonna ask that uh, on our descent here into Moscow
Everybody please put your seatbelts on
Winds are gettin' a little bit choppy and
There appears to be a shiny black man
up there in first class gettin' some sloppy toppy
He's got all his chains on and a durag, is that Thundercat?
What's up brother?

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