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Miguel's Happy Dance


It Is What It Is

Do the fuckin' happy dance
Really, really, really, really fuckin' up
I can't say it supposed to subside
And you know you probably lovin' that
Really, really, really, really sad
Know you probably diggin' us
[?] to your crib, through the wall

It's okay
If it's not goin' away
We never was
Don't be [?]
It's probably not [?] than us
I should take my own advice
Even if it hurts
You told me it's gonna hurt the same
Hurt the same
Dancin' away the pain
It's gonna be alright

Just do the fuckin' dance
Even if you start to cry
It's okay
Everything will be alright
Take your time Rome wasn't built in a day
No one [?] again
It's okay, it's time to think to [?] the pain
It's alright

Just do the happy dance
Even if you not alright
It's okay
Joy inside your pain
It's alright
Then you're right, just dance
You will be okay
Keep dancin'
Even though you not alright again
It's alright
Someone [?] again

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