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Thank You


As I'm walking along side this road called life through all these years,
how many times have I found myself - drowning in tears, pain and agony, as
far as I can see - you never did a thing for me! I tried so hard through
all my life, but I never got a positive reply, I was weary I was weak
inside, but I was angry too, so I realized...

I better won`t be, what you want me to be...
I better don't care for what you see in me !

I thank you for hating me, don't want you to believe in me! I thank you, 'cause it
feels so good to be mistreated, to be misunderstood, to be no good.

But now I've gotta say I can't believe how much I used to be shattered, whatever I
did, your opinion it mattered to me, you'll see, today is the day I'll be
what I wanna be! I thank you 'cause you hated me, you were leaving me room
enough to be, ev'rything you ever wanted to be, but now I`ve got this urge
inside of me...

Here's my revenge for what you did !

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