when was the last time you made your own decision, free from whatever distracts you from
your vision, free from the
pressure of society´s rule book, free from how you act, free from how you look. now really
think about it, it´s not a tough
one. you are ruled by someone. wherever you go and whatever you may do that someone
else is always there too !

you turn on the telli, you open the papers, you´re being ruled by big money-scrapers, who´s
sole intention through this
invention is showing their products to grab your attention. showcasing life in the healthiest
form, you need to fit in and you
need to conform. be one of the hippest and one of the fittest consumers out there, within the

but the message is so much deeper, than to change your look or who you are. it´s a
corperate game and you´re the
playball in a pin-ball machine that´s too tall. you´re bouncing back from side to side, any
direction that they might like, as
long as you´re adding up points you´re sober, and if not - game over !

backstab, make money, be violent, drive a car, screw everybody else or you won´t get far.
take our views and if that is not
enough, most importantly go and buy our stuff. that´s the policy we´re talking about now,
we´re all in it - wow ! wherever
you go and whatever you may do, that policy is always there too !

you sell through commercials as far as i can see, whatever happened to a word like quality. a
colourful wrapper from a
beautiful paper will make us buy anything sooner or later. so really think about it, it´s not a
tough one, we´re all ruled by
someone, that someone will make you do just what he wants you to, he´s got the means to
fuck with you ! ...and he´ll fuck
with you !

inside of me and inside of you, that policy is always there too ! it´s what you think and it´s
what it´s what you do, that policy
is always there too

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