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All The Way Down


I would never wanna be lonely, although I'm not alone, I mean lonely from my heart, like you
don't know where you
belong. I would never wanna lose my joy in life, my one and ev'rything. I'm glad that I'm alive.
But somewhere deep
inside, there's emotions that I cannot hide and every time I'm feeling bad, I'm being pulled
inside. The deeper I'll be
falling, the louder I'll be calling...can't you see me falling? I'm going down...
I could never picture myself sinking all the way, so I'd be too alone, to even get away, but I
could really picture myself
feeling this way, it hurts so much I never ever wanna feel this way...down, down, going down,
I'd be going all around. My
head would be shaking like a merry-go-around. My body's aching and my bones they're
shaking, as I'm moving on down,
can't you see I'm aching...I'm down...I'm going down...all the way down...I'm going
down...Help me!!!

You don't wanna be seeing what I'm seeing right now...
You don't wanna be doing what I'm doing right now...
You don't wanna be feeling what I'm feeling right now...
You don't wanna be me...see me!

I just wanna be the way that I used to be...
I just wanna be doing what I used to do...
I just wanna be feeling what I used to feel...
I just wanna be me...See me!

But I'm going...I'm going down

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