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    'Cause bitch we shoot 'em first
    We don't ask questions later
    We're Triple 6, Triple 6 fuckin' haters
    And it's on if you niggaz
    Wanna bring it to the door
    To you cowards in my face
    I'm a treat you like a hoe

    [Gangsta Boo]
    Since you niggaz talkin' shit
    About the dirty dirty six
    Lemme see if you can bump out
    And be featured on a hit
    Radio the love my songs
    Ballin' niggaz love my thongs
    If you wanna go to war
    I suggest you bring it on, nigga
    I ain't no little girl
    I been down in the streets
    Remember me Hillcrest
    Nigga reppin' BAZ
    Shoot a finger fuck a spot
    Niggaz drop, niggaz drop
    But everybody in the club
    Lookin' hard nigga he ain't hot
    We be cold froze wrists
    Got you bitches in a blitz
    Mad 'cause I be hanging 'round
    Them niggaz in the triple six
    Bitches wanna say this
    Bitch I ain't stuntin' you
    I be on the charts blowin' up
    Bitch look at you
    Niggaz be mad
    Actin' like some fuckin hoes
    If you can't stand the truth
    Nigga keep your eyes closed
    DJ Paul, Juice Man
    Crunchy Black, Lord Imfamous
    I'm the one
    Mrs. Crazy lady Gangsta Boo bitch

    [Hook 2X]

    [Crunchy Black]
    Niggaz talk shit
    Well they might as well talk shit
    Talk this
    When I bring that fuckin' chalk bitch
    And put your body in a body bag or somethin'
    And drop your bitch ass off in a river my cousin
    You should've never played the dozens
    With a nigga like me
    It be C fuckin' B
    And I'm hard to be
    Niggaz talk a lot of shit
    But I promise you dog
    I'm a blast at your ass
    And let the gun revolve
    Niggaz always tryin' to be real hard
    Niggaz always tryin' to pray to God
    When they got their ass caught up in some bullshit
    And that's some bullshit
    You gotta finish it
    You gon' remember this
    Ain't no game I play
    Poppin' shots at your ass
    With the A fuckin' K
    Nigga watch what you say
    When you talkin' to me
    Nigga watch what you say
    When you talkin' to C

    [Hook 1X]
    [DJ Paul]
    Put a mask on, gone in man do the shit [4X]

    [Lord Imfamous]
    My arteries pump acid
    I love to pop that plastic
    Life is filled with maggots
    Nigga I let you have it
    With automatic havoc
    While faggots ride or tag it
    Boy I'm psychopathic
    Milli clips big rappin'
    What I got for a mackin'
    For funeral compassion
    Better close that casket
    When I hit for that stackin'
    Wanna know the business
    Stay out my fuckin' business
    Gossip like some bitches
    But y'all no competition
    Better pay attention
    I'll cook you like a kitchen
    Diss and leave you missin'
    And on a murder mission
    Critical condition
    Got plenty ammunition
    Don't need to catch you slippin'
    I'll fuck you up lil pimpin'
    Lord have mercy hurt you with verses
    Got you puntas rollin' in hearses
    Hate the six we got platinum plus a
    Your shit on shelves collectin' dust a

    [Hook 1X]

    [DJ Paul]
    Put a mask on, gone in man do the shit [4X]

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