Third Day

I sit alone and think about the world
And all the people without freedom, without justice
And then I wonder if there's any more that
I can do to help the broken, to help the hopeless
And, lord, you know I can't do this without you
God, I need you now, help me to make a move

Arise, o God
Lift up your hand
Bring freedom and forgiveness
Arise, o God
Help us to stand
For mercy and for justice

As I sing along with all the worship
And the praises of your children, of your people
I know that there is so much more that
We can all be doing for the broken, for the hopeless
Lord, you know we can't do this without you
God, we need you now, help us to make a move
Help us to make a move

Only you can save us, lord
Only you can rescue us
In the name of Jesus, there is hope

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