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Laying Demon To Rest


Mirror of Souls

As I sit alone and tired, with time to spare
Temptation rears its ugly head
Born from a deceptive dream into a nightmare
It calls to me again
Testing me to see if I will break this time
Or at least how far I'll bend
I can see its glowing eyes and hear its evil cries
"Come dance with me, my friend..."

So, the things that I want to do
I find myself not doing
but the things that I don't want to do
I fall into - Why?
Why do we struggle with the former things and
live in our own power below our means?

Don't you understand this is war?
War with the principalities and powers
Things unseen that would devour us all
The spirit battles the flesh
And now my wounds are deep
and torn wide open
I'm tired and weary, hurt and broken down

Lead us not
Into temptation
But deliver us
From the evil one
Darkness falls
On my spirit again
Again temptation calls
I can hear it

As the battle rages on and on
I face the things that put my faith to the test
When fallen angels won't leave me alone
Father, come and lay the demon to rest
When my sword has broken off in my hand
I see the dark futility of the flesh
When I'm about to fall, please help me stand
Father, come and lay the demon to rest

Instrumental Break

They're on my back
I run, but I can feel their talons
digging in my flesh
Blood trickles down upon the earth
And I grow weaker with each breath
Each time I shake one off
another wraps its teeth around my neck
And every time, the one, the thorn is there
To tear me down again

The angels counterstrike
Their flaming swords slice through
the fallen ones
The demons reunite, attack again
The cycle has begun
Caught in the middle of this present darkness
with nowhere to run
We're in a holy war
As it is written, so shall it be done

Where there's a will, there's a way, they say
But sometimes my will seems to get in the way
So You will have to fight for me today

Repeat Chorus

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