With Me

The Young Professionals

Kiss me steven, on your knees
I know you still believe
Teach me now about the things
That i can?t clearly see

I know i might just take you home
And watch you till you fall asleep
This intuition deep inside is telling me to stop
Wasting time

With you
With me
With you

The racing cars that?s fast to burn
Those fuels of love and pride
And everyone who got to choose
Just ran away an hide

And i just wanna leave you now
A problem on the side
The ice cream stand on london?s bridge
Will tell how much i?v cried

There, with you
With me
With you

There?s love that?s coming thru the air tonight
I think we should be dancing till the morning light
I see the giant wall, the big fat lie
And a million different stars but a single light
By: CarlosEdn

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