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Little Surfer Girl

The Yetis

Move out to California take a pretty girl
It doesn't really matter where you go
As long as you go with me little surfer girl
I could go all around the world

Let's go to LA if you're feeling kinda low
But it doesn't really matter where you go
As long as you still love me little surfer girl
I'll take you surfing all around the world

I'll find a pretty shell and give it to you girl
Just to show you how I really feel
And when the sun goes down way out in Monaco
I'll kiss you and I'll hold you til it's real

Just please don't change your mind and leave me surfer girl
Without you I would feel so down and blue
When I feel lonely I remember just us two
Sittin' in the sun in Malibu

Australia baby girl is just the way to go
America keeps bringing you low down
I understand that you will start to miss your home
But surfing's not the same out in the snow

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