Make or Break

The World Ends With You

It was in the black box
Turn out the light
You feel this rave and soothing waves
Take off your shirt
Turn up the music
The shower of lies feels so good

You know how to treat me
Tell me what you want
The hum of the breeze is all I hear
Inhale and exhale
Let me stay with you
I need you closer every now and then

"Make or Break, take what you like"
I won't run away
Sick of our criteria
Time won't wait for you
"I, mine, me"
No matter what
I can't run away
Scratch out massive data
I'm inside of you

I think you heard me
Don't get inside of me
"In a fret, unaccepted with nothing left"
Just like a charm
"No doubt, no harm"
The pleasant water feels so good

You know how
Deceive me, kick over the trace
"All by myself, bearing it"
Forget me not
You're the only one
I miss your heart every day and night

Don't you know what's wrong with you?
I am all the same
"Light up one last candle, oh how daring you are"

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