The World Ends With You

Never exhume me
I don’t want you anymore
Colors are fading
You took all that I want
Memories are brimming and I hope you know
I am bleeding eternally for you

Lying stars
You make me dream of bliss
Greedy mind
Nothing is so right
Fear is compressed and my stomach aches
You could amaze me more and forever

I can't believe this isn't a dream
My lucent orb is fading bright
I can't believe it was a dream
So hard to reignite myself

I can't believe this isn't a dream
Is this the way we end up?
I can’t believe it was a dream
A flashback is all I got in my hand?

Violet Sky
You know what this means?
I had been always there for you
And now I'm ready to dive in the danger zone
I know for sure because this is the way I am

Spatial patterns deep inside of me
Lose yourself on accumulated ground
All I know is my soul is unbreakable
Light a blue fire and watch until the shape is gone

Crystallizing soul
Live in delusion

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