Game Over

The World Ends With You

Tell me who you are and who you were
How much have you been paid?
Take it easy
Would you like to have something to drink?
"To tell you the truth, in this contract I don't care about anything except me"
"Just want the cash, transferred to my account"
Because it will make me feel alright

"I'm busy, dizzy, and lazy"
I got global eyes and a growing mind
"Above all, I'm wise and very well organized"
Made a compromise
Watch me rise high for the for one last time
See how my connection works
Information goes back and forth
Sit beside the window and all I do is watch the shadow grow longer
Linger, for the better, you'll never know what internall decadence means

He's got an opinion and posted suggestion but never reveals his name
"Read by someone, taken as a good one but nobody knew who had wrote it"
Few lines of the sentences lie
Anonymity is annoying me all the time
"It's like a "2 channel"*, where people can just throw their own anger"
And forget about those foul actions

"You are driving an expensive car, expectance, supremacy"
You're getting out of control; the troll is waiting down below
You still lack in experience
"Too bad, too close, too late to notice where you are"
There's no other way to take
"Dependency to the tendency, occasionally you misunderstood"
"Living in the life of mediovrity? Hypocrisy, legitimacy"
Go over it or game over now?
Is this a suitable place to strive?
"Say, "Down" to it or drown by it"
It's your choice to throw the dice

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