The World Ends With You

You've seen its foundation
Holding up a ragged nation
You know it in your mind
What it's like and how it lies
You want the right resolution
The right to get another portion
You know now is the time
To get ready for detonation

"Rise up like a vortex, cortex"
Reality is full of immorality
"Retreaters, they cheer the diffusers"
"Moist, icky, crust that's what they like"
insanity means nothing within vanity
"Good creatures, they wallow then they hollow ya"
Now sweety go kiss the case

You've seen its germination
"Stammering, hammering delighted recognition"
"Uber world, the hubble-bubble world"
"You should love this, say cheers to your ally baby"

You chose the left direction
"Left your shadow, wanna cuddle with the sorrow?"
But how could I? Why should I? I will!
Now take a part in our pretty decoration

"Drink'em all up voracity, curiosity"
The deadly drop is drawn to positivity
"Caution, the first crops, they taste so good"
Maniac tracks are on the floor tonight
"Mixed up with the zodic, maniac"
"Gotta heart attack, the flat-line, my life line"
"My heart is hardy, pumping up so steadily"
"The madman's boys are on the street again, what a game"

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