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I'm Bound To Pack It Up

White Stripes

De Stijl

I've thought about it for a while
and I've thought about the many miles
but I think it's time that I've gone away

The fellings that you have for me
have gone away it's plain to see
and it looks to me
that you're pulling away

I'm gonna pick it up
I'm gonna pick it up today
I'm bound to pack it up
I'm bound to pack it up
and go away

I find it hard to say to you
that this is what I have to do
but there is no way that I'm gonna stay

there is so many things
you need to know
and I wanna tell you before I go
but it's hard to think of just what to say

I'm sorry to leave you all alone
you're sitting silent by the phone
but we've always known there would come a day

The bus is warm and softly lit
and a hundred people ride in it
I guess I'm just another running away

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