Hotel Yorba (Cifrada)

White Stripes

White Blood Cells

G C I was watchin with one eye on the otherside D G I had 15 people telling me to move I got movin on my mind G C I found shelter n some tossed out wheels around D G I said 39 times that I love you to the beauty I had found Chorus G Well its 1 2 3 4 take the elevator C at the hotel Yorba I'll be glad to see u later D G C G All I got inside is vacancy G C Ive been thinkin of a little place down by the lake D They got a dirty old road leading up to the house G I wonder how long it will take till we're alone C Sittin on the front porch of that home D Stompin our feet on the wooden boards G Never gotta worry bout lockin the doors Chorus G It might sound silly C For me to think childish thoughts like these D G But im so tired of actin tough im gonna do what I please G C Lets get married in a big cathedral by a priest D G Cos if im the man that you love the most you could say I do atleast Chorus G And it’s a 4 5 6 7 grab your umbrella C And grab a hold of me cos im your favourite fella D G-C-C-D-G All I got inside is vacancy

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