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Last Call To Heaven

The White Buffalo

Love and the Death of Damnation

Guess I'll walk my ass downtown
I'm so sick and tired of feeling lonely
Come on up from underground
Maybe this time I will find my one and only

Got an angel on my left
Whispering sweet nothings to me
Got the devil on my right
Says look who's back up on the scene

So I duck in to a dive
Two tens and a five‘s all I got on me
I sit down for a spell
Best I just drink from the well
For the money

A sin for a sin
A heart for a heart
Don't know if I'll stay long
Seems like a damn good place to start

The sun crashes into night
Borracho to my right
His red eyes on me
Says his name Jesus
The devil‘s off the noose
And coming for me

I order one more round
Shake my head in disbelief
Start thinking to myself
This is a place you'll never leave

He's heading for the door
He floats across the floor
Like an angel
Crown of thorns goes up in flames
Laughing and deranged like the devil

Collapses at the Jukebox
Praying hands upon his knees
Cries the last call to heaven
Was in nineteen eighty three

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