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Like Sisters

The Weather Station

Some people say that we look like sisters
Somehow, something in the eyes
And I'd say, “Well, you know I'm flattered, ”
And she'd say, “Yeah, right! ”

She's always been so careful
Nobody more faithful
I've always been so careful
Nobody more faithful

When she moved out, sometimes he'd call me
I never should have answered
Sometimes you give, you're giving all you have
And sometimes you're the taker

Like the whole world went and slipped my way
And yet I didn't want nothing
So unequal Like unearned praise
Like someone I don't recognize
Was looking back from my own eyes

We'd sit, and we'd find ourselves talking for hours
And sometimes she would cry
Waving her hands as though to ward off something
Telling you she's fine

Sometimes you have to decide
What is wrong and what could be right
But I was too “kind”; I was on every side
As though to try to make amends
For all the distances
There have always been between
You and I me and the sky

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