The War On Drugs


The War On Drugs

I Don't Live Here Anymore

I've been running from the white light
To try and get to you
Tell me everything that you need
I've been trying so hard
Ain't got no time to lose
Tell me anything that you'll need
To open the door
To a desperate man
Easily could run from the start
When you're falling

I've been driving on the west side again
And the rain keeps pouring down
Finally figured out my way
I've been living on the run 'cause I can't find
That thing that holds and binds us tight
I'm out here dying in the heat
Oh, what am I to find?
Yeah, when I open the door
To desperate men
Easily could run from the start
Sheltered and dead
I hear your call
Crawl inside and wait for the fall

Shelter in the doorway
From rising storms
Caution in the darkness
Where we have fallen
How can I replace, babe
What can't be lost?
I don't wanna change
I'll rise above it

There are so many ways
Our love could make it through
But it's so damn hard to make that change
Maybe I was born too late
For this lonely freedom fight
Maybe I was born in the wrong way
Maybe born on the wrong day

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