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Spring Valley Shopping Mall

The Vindictives

The whole thing was stupid, I could see it in her hair, after I licked her in the ladies room she told me that she never got off, she asked me what I thought of her boobs and then she said she wanted chinese food, rambled a lot without nothing to say and showed me all the crap in her stupid bag. I told her that
I'd keep in touch but i didn't mean I'd hold her hand, she asked me what I wanted out of life as I kept my eyes on her little ass jumpin around in my head, i can't seem to clear my thoughts, I could get laid I suppose but what kind of choice is that. The whole thing was stupid, but she didn't seem to care,
I wondered about the meaning of life and why the fuck she wanted to screw me, sat on hre couch and stared at the tube, pawed at her crotch while she gave me a lube after awhile we had nothing to do so she showed me all the stuff in her stupid room

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