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I Know People

The Vindictives

I know people, who have a lot to say, while little Mr. Know-it-all sucks the thumb shoved up his ass, I know people, I see them every day, They criticize the life you live when they can't have their way, His guts are moving in the wrong way, he shits a lot with his pants on, he'd steal a rotten donut that was soaking in a bucket of snot, His ass is moving thru the grinder his balls are nailed to the wall he's eating shit coming and going but he's always standing 10 feet tall,
I know people, who've never learned too much, they say they have one life to live, but thinking takes too much, I know people, you're the people, I know people, and they know me, I know them, they know me and i know them, and they know me

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