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...and The World Isn't Flat Anymore

The Vindictives

I may live in the tiny world inside my tiny head, and if I change my mind about things I know that I will change it again. Then I evaluate the processes of the modern world, hoping this evaluation thing moves quick enough to make things work.
Macromutations, Is a major morphological change produced by a single homeotic genetic monstosity, the material basis of all the boys and girls who'll change your world will mutate and merge til they save the world.
I juggled around the variables and found them incomplete, I looked at all the data now I know that I'm better off just taking a guess. We just go through the motions, mostly without a clue trying to rub our stomachs in a circle while we pat our head with our hands. The world isn't flat anymore.
you're sitting on a time bomb, you're a ticking time bomb, you're living on a time bomb, you're a living time bomb.

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