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On My Way

The Vamps

Night & Day

Hey mama, don't you worry about me
I just need a little time to breathe
My head has been muddled up lately
I'm sorry if I've shown it

Hey mum, I'm on a sinking ship
Yeah, it all boils down to relationships
And if that's how people want to get their kicks
Then they should know that life's a

There's water under the bridge
Telling me where I've been
Need to go outside and live my life, right now
So when I awaken
I'll leave, no time wasted
Just remember how this tasted, tasted

So slam the door
Be on my way
Moving onto better things in life
I will never be beat
So slam the door
Be on my way
Take it step by step
'Cause it's alright
Always so bittersweet

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