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The Used

Imaginary Enemy

It's not enough to kill the past
Be blind to history
And all at once there's a black cloud comin
Made of GASoline
I see that you have set the price
Made sure nothing's free
One way to move forward
Is to learn who's stopping me

This is the end
Calling for revolution
Burn: like a fire in the rain

(we looked at the price tag)
and it's one we can't afford
We were taught that progression means accumulating more
it's not to protect ourselves so why are we at war
Isn't it obvious or adding up the score

I'll never turn my back on where I'm from
I'll never stop believing
I'll always love my home? but
From that love I've noticed who's been burned
I've noticed who's still bleeding
It seems the fire has grown
So from now on I pledge allegiance
To a world that's so much different
Where everyone has the chance to be free
Revolution starts with me

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