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The Used

Imaginary Enemy

Stuff your pockets stuff your mouth
Much more than feeding
Your bloated god your bank account
Your empathy's fleeting
Now that you bought the cure
You own the truth, still you want more
Down on you're knees you bleed it out
This type of believing

Hold on wait. We have had all we can take
You can keep the money
Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love

You pushed the point to no return
Take more and repeat it
Stockpiled possessions watch them burn
We've got all we needed
Before it got to far
We realized
Just who you are
Down on your knees you bleed it out
This type of believing

You've got your mansion
You've got your minions
Protected privilege
But we've got love
You've got your black gold
You've got you pipeline
But we've got love

You've got reserve banks with no reserves
You've got religion
Control the herds
You've got your slave trade of prostitution
You've got your GREEN GOD
But we got love

A song to stifle empirical progression
(A work in progress)

A Burningbush the Bay of Pigs the CIA
I guess if daddy helped the Nazis it's okay
Booked an expensive flight with buildings in the way
A different Burningbush exact same things to say

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