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Time Master

The Tears

By a blink of an eye, so many memories are passing by
Stop for a while and think: will these memories ever link?
At the light of night so many things I have denied
But I am so sad...These memories will follow me forever

I see my life it's crawling faster
It's in my eyes burning faster
At the speed there is no master
So (I'm losing control)...

Time Master go faster, I just want to forget
I know my thoughts are my disaster
I just hope I won't regret
Time Master go faster, I don't care how old I get
I hope there is no forever last
I am trying to erase my past

So many thoughts washed by time, so many left in my mind
I can't recall of any night, I haven't dreamed what's deep inside
I feel that there is always space, never stop remembering disgrace
So painful to regret, I just hope to forget

I close my eyes
My mind stops
I fear of that dream
So scared of these thoughts in me

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