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This Is Who I Am

The Tears

Come here baby, look deep into my eyes
'cause i been thinking' about the way you treat meI know there's something, something that you try to hide
It's time to talk about it tell me why oh whyAm I just another girl. Past in your memory
are you just another page im my diary?(Chorus)This, this is who I am you got to understand
Don't waste my time cause I ain't changingThis, this is who I am if you were half the man
You would just let me be the way I am...This is who I amNow listen baby, I hope you feel the same
Cause I am tired of this game we're playingIt's time to let me know which way you gotta go boy
Do you believe in all the things you're saying?Am I just another girl. Past in your memory
Are you just another page in my diary?(Chorus)This is who I am - oho
This is who I am(Chorus)This is who I am

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