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I Tattoo You

The Tears

I can't stop thinking 'bout you baby-babe
Sometimes I think I'm really goin' crazy
'cause whenever I see you it's amazingMy heart start beatin' and racin'
What can I say to you?
Do you feel the same way too?I'd do anything for you
To make you see that my love is so trueSo true...(Chorus)Well, well, wellI Tattoo-Tattoo you
In my heart and my mind and my soul nowI Tattoo-Tattoo you
'cause nothing can compare to youI Tattoo-Tattoo you
Just to prove that I'll always love youI Tattoo-Tattoo you
'cause nothing can compare to youYou're the kind of man I always dream about
It makes me wanna scream and shout out really loud
When you talk I hang on every word you sayWhen you move you're like the breeze an a summer day
You're irresistible, and just so incredible
You're irreplaceable, I'll make you see that my love is so trueSo true...(Chorus)I can't go on without you by my side
I'm not that strong, I need you in my life
Don't leave me in the cold, I can't take it anymore, anymore(Chorus)

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