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Girls Get Going

The Tears

Can you keep a secret?
I got a little bit of information to share with you, yeah(Can you keep a secret?)I got a story you'd never expect from a girl like me, yeah
He's got a 'je ne sais qoui' that I can't put my finger on, yeah(Can you keep a secret?)So hot, a feeling inside that I can't get enough of him, yeahAll my friends say that he's so fine
I'm gonna get hurt, I'm gonna do timeAnd all my friends say it's not gonna work
But it doesn't really matter to me...(Chorus)When the goin gets tough, the girls get going
Nothing in the world's gonna make me sadder to see
But I gotta, choose how I wanna be
Girls sorry-but the boys gonna come with meWhen the going gets tough, the girls get going
Nothin' in the world gonna stop me living a dream
I get down, pride still showing
Girls sorry-but the boys gonna come with meI had a little bit of inspiration to call him up, yeah(Can you keep a secret?)We had, a night that I'd never expect in my wildest dreams, yeah
That night, the party was jumpin' and boys hanging off our arms, yeah(Can you keep a secret?)Alright, I might take a chance but this boy is just so damn fine, yeahAll my friends think that he's not right
I'm gonna get hurt, they're probably rightMy mum and dad think, they know for sure
But it doesn't really matter no more(Chorus)Girls, Girls, Girls... the boys gonna come with me
Doesn't really matter, hey-ey, no more, no more(Chorus)Can you keep a secret...?

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