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Mxcn Brto (vinnie's Song)

The Swellers

I've been sending letters in a bottle to the Atlantic,

In hopes that finding my plea is a West Coast Hispanic 
These Sunshine State burritos leave me feeling empty inside 
I need a Golden State Warrior to sit and snack beside
A 4th meal at taco bell leaves me running for the border All I want tonight is a Poquito
Mas order I hope Florida breaks off and Pangaea forms again So I can run a few miles and eat some real Mexican!

So many Mexicans but Gainesville's out of luck
Stop picking oranges and start a taco truck
I wish they'd stick to cigars and being communists Cuz Cubans can't make a fucking taco for shit A summer trip to San Diego left me mentally unstable I've been craving California love for months at my dinner table East of the Mississippi, and south of the Mason Dixon Like Motley Crue we need some food that we can put our dicks in

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