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Ready Set Go

The Summer Set

Love The Love You Have (EP)

hey there, let me break it down
oh, you're the song in my head
move a little bit closer
i dont want to miss a beat

take everything you know
throw it out the window
we can drive through the streets
the space between
you're the only girl i'll ever need

give me looks, give me everything you've got
ready set lets go
so get on your feet
ill take it to the floor
oh here we go

when everythings alright
ill take the weight of the world off your shoulders
lets make it count oh, lets make it count
i'll show you that you're worth it

take everything i know
i'll throw it out the window

we're gonna get closer now
just a little bit closer
we're gonna get closer now
just a little bit
just a little bit

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