The Sugarcubes

The Great Crossover Potential

Gold, finger itches

Gold, in the hand

Gold, you have to have

Gold, all for yourself

Gold, full train of it

Gold, rob the train

Gold, murder in the train

Gold, get some gold

Gold is the sweat of the sun

Give me some gold!

Gold, it glitters

Gold, is soft and thin

I'm searching for gold

I need gold just to see

Never seen it before

Indication of gold

Do I see gold?

Bloody fingers!

Dig! Crawl! Dig!

Gold is the sweat of the sun

Give me some gold!

I continue to dig into the earth,

Torn fingers, bloody fingers..

There is a sun in the sky

Nothing has changed

And gold, begotten of the sun..

Give me gold!

I need it now, oh gold!

I'm still searching for gold

I need gold

And I have to have a chunk of.. gold

No indication of gold

Just a little piece of gold for me!

In the core of the earth

Oh, gold!

I see the glow, this is the gold

Gold, gold! Oh gold!

I need gold!

Oh, gold !

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