The Submarines

Love Notes/Letter Bombs

ivaloo one day they'll name this street after you
eyes wide as the moon
your smile so far away, beautiful fool
i'll lose my heart to you

i saw you riding round the reservoir
the sidewalk slows as you pass by
somewhere on india near the boulevard
you stole my heart that day

ivaloo how could i ever keep up with you
in the afternoon won't you find your way to the place we once knew
don't give this up too soon

you'll bring your overhead projector
to demonstrate where we'd go wrong
you'll chart our every flaw
shone ten times tall on the bedroom wall
but if you'd love me we could erase it all
well maybe without me you'd be better off
and if you say you love me
i should know better by now

in the afternoon i hope you find your way
guess i always knew you'd be leaving soon
ivaloo one day they'll name this street after you
my beautiful fool

your eyes bright as the moon
light up my room
how i hate to see you go

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