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Kid In Candy

The Spinanes

Take a shine to the West Coast heaven
Looking best when we're together
Gliding through the East Side twilight
It's silent past when a girl could like it

Feeling good yeah feeling fine everyday
That's because you're three thousand miles away

Take a liking to the weather of the West
Eloquent, and bois de la celeste
Stand of pines and your romantic scent

Shoos to me in the dark after dark
So dark after dark

Take a shine to American weather
You look best when we're together
C'mon back, so revelant and clever

Take a drive down the East River Elevate
Hitch a ride on the Michigan Stateway
Take a drive down Almadidge
Stubborn, think about it

Take a ride down Pacific Coast Highway
Foxy lady says, "C'mon turn in my way
There's lots to do down in LA."

Sunset babe, that's a fox to you
Take a shine to the West Coast weather

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