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Too Much Too Young

The Specials

The Singles Collection

You done too much much too young
You're married with a kid when you could be having fun with me
You done too much much too young
Now you're married with a son when you should be having fun with me

Don't wanna be rich, don't wanna be famous

Ain't he cute, no he ain't
He's just another burden on the welfare state

Call me immature, call me a poseur
I`d love to spread manure in your bed of roses
Don't wanna be rich Don't wanna be famous
But I'd really hate to have the same name as you

You done too much much too young
Now you're chained to the kitchen making currant buns for tea

Ain't you heard of the starving millions
Ain't you heard of contraception
Do you really wanna go with the sterilization
Take control of the population boom
It's in your living room
Keep a generation gap
Try wearing a cap

Compositor: Jerry Dammers / Lloyd Charmers

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