Good Grief

The Southland

Tv ''speaking''

On the tv I saw a man selling second chance
I thought what kind of sucker needs to buy self confidence.
I sit along on Friday night in boxer breifs and realize these guys are pointed straight at me

driving down the street I saw you with your other man
hes ugly and hes cheap but hes gotta have something
I don't know if you saw me but I saw the smile I used to see
this sigh is not relief it is good grief reality

stupid me
stupid me

down on Venice beach the psychic said things would go my way
so now I eat red meat and play the lotto everday
one thing I have learned is I can burn my bridges well
I cannot tell you how I do it but I'm going straight to hell

driving down the street I saw you with your other man
I'm comfy in my seat with a leathal handle in my hand
hes a fuckin' creep but he does have something
cuz now that hes got you hes got me downward spiraling

stupid me
stupid me
stupid me
stupid me

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