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A Proclamation Of Evil's Fate

The Showdown

Behold, I come like a thief
My kingdom I bring
I come to purge the prince of death from off the earth
To war, to bring death not peace
To cleanse now all things
This is a call to arms, to conquer, now to war

We may fall
We may die with time
That day is not today

Now for glory
Now for God
We storm the very gates of hell

Pay in blood
Reclaim your honor
Demonspawn your time has come

This is justice swift and sure
Your legions devastation fall

Hell spawn, the air is ripe with fear
Hell bound, wretched eternity

Come bringer of plagues, your time has come
Come father of lies, your time has come
Come tempter of all, your time has come
Come reap your reward, your time has come

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