The Shangri-las

The Boy

The Shangri-las

His eyes are the eyes of a boy growing old
Deep down inside there's a story untold
He's sad, then he laughs a while
He looks at me and then he smiles
I'm in love, I'm in love with that boy

Till I met him, I never thought
That love could feel this way
My nights were filled with lonely dreams
That grew worse with each passing day
I used to walk the streets at night
With, really, no place to go
But loneliness is a part of my past
A million tears ago

When I stand by his side
My heart's full of pride
I look up at his face
And I know, among giants
He'll hold his place

So proud, so bold, so strong and I belong
Do you think that people are being fair
'Cause they fear we're too young to care?
But I don't care what people say
My love will grow stronger with each passing day

Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, I'm in lo-ah-ove
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, I'm in lo-ah-ove
Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, I'm in

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