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To Make My Life Beautiful

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

The dawn reached 'cross the pillow
Where the face of an angel
Lies cradled in a nest of tangled hair
And the smile of contentment on your face
While you've been sleeping
Keeps me going makes, me know just why I'm here
And I don't believe you'll ever find
The thought will ever cross my mind to leave
I'd die from loneliness
I need your only-ness
A place for my soul to rest

Yes, I need your love to make my life beautiful
The alarm clock rings at seven
And I feel a stir beside me
I'm hearing your gentle footsteps on the floor
I raise up from my pillow
Just in time to catch a small glimpse of a housecoat
Swishing through the kitchen door
I watch my shaving razor gliding smoothly
On the face of a happy man who loves to live at home
And the sweetest voice I ever heard is calling me to breakfast
I don't know how I made it on my own

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