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Front Loader

The Rutles

It's so far out
It's outta sight
No heavy scene
No gettin' uptight
So, just stay loose, my brother
I'll tell you where it's at
You can all get it on at the local laundromat, yeah!

Front Loader, let me turn you on
Front Loader, you and me just havin' fun
Front Loader, my words I won't mince
I just love your fully automated second rinse
Ooooh, yeah, yeah!

If I could I'd do my laundry
Every night of the week
I guess that you could call me
A laundry freak
My clothes are all worn through
But I just don't care
'Cause when I get a heavy load
I just got to share it with my

Front Loader, all bubbles and foam
Front Loader, enamel and chrome
Front Loader, my sheets will never tangle
'Cause with your spin dry there's no need for a mangle

Front Loader, you know my need is urgent
Front Loader, I got all my detergent
Front Loader, sometimes I do despair
You're the only one but me who sees my underwear

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