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    Things Fall Apart
    Ouvir álbum completo Things Fall Apart Ano de lançamento: 1999
    1. Act Won...Things Fall Apart
    2. Table of Contents (Pts. 1 & 2)
    3. The Next Movement (ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff)
    4. Step Into The Realm
    5. The Spark
    6. Dynamite!
    7. Without a Doubt
    8. Ain't Sayin' Nothin' New
    9. Double Trouble
    10. Act Too...The Love Of My Life
    11. 100% Dundee
    12. Diedre Vs. Dice
    13. Adrenaline
    14. 3rd Act: ? Vs. Scratch 2...Electric Boogaloo
    15. You Got Me
    16. You Don't See Us
    17. Return To Innocence Lost
    18. Act Fore...The End?

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    Hey, hey, hey hey
    Hey, yes, yes I
    C'mon, c'mon uh, uh.. uh

    [Lady B] Another one of those Saturday Nights y'all

    Yo y'all, take heed
    Yeah, check it out, c'mon
    You're now rockin with the best.. uh

    [Lady B] Without a doubt, take heed y'all

    C'mon, yeah, uh
    Uh, yo, about to give you what you need y'all

    [Lady B] Without a doubt

    [Black Thought]
    Check it out now, it's the type cerebral
    World renowned, illustrious, ille-gal
    My musical affection, bubblin within your zone
    like champagne, known as the Fifth campaign
    Thought be doin his damn thang
    Bent like, a boomerang, tryin to maintain
    I'm both yin and yang from Mi Kan Lang
    What your lady gettin me up? I'm never answering
    Let her miss me, see me then she off tryin to kiss me
    Talkin bout, "I dig you Tariq, the way you twist me"
    Meanwhile, she comin home tipsy, all grinnin
    And what you used to fit em before, you now swimmin
    Just take a dive P-5 deep, the team winnin
    Takin hip-hop back to, the beginnin
    Cause MC's are pretendin, I slap your sound
    out the sky like I'm goaltendin, bring your career
    to an endin, enter the next era trascendin for real
    Knahmsayin? If not, then man listen
    For you to try to fuck with the Fifth, that's ambition
    I let y'all know the time indeed, y'all need to
    take heed y'all

    [Lady B] Get a little P-5-D y'all
    Straight from the town of Phil-ly y'all
    But we about to give you what you need y'all
    Without a doubt

    [Lady B] Take heed y'all, get a little P-5-D y'all
    Straight from the town of Phil-ly y'all
    But we about to give you what you need y'all
    Without a doubt

    [Black Thought]
    Yo, I control the stadium like the law long arm
    Warn, ring the alarm, cause here The Roots come
    The funk's all ready for whoever want some
    Your album get split like, a lump sum
    No doubt, under this influencin of outcome
    Millenium spaceship, totally wasted
    Schoolly D classic, though I vocally laced it
    Taste this swerve on a regular basis
    Servin y'all whatever the place is
    Blowin conniseur quality in my competitor's faces
    This is without doubt, your lady pass out
    This Illa-Fifth Twilight Zone, you ass out
    Shout, to my brothers on back route
    Whippin the short that's smacked out, dig it
    Strump this in your casette deck, hip-hop has not left yet
    I sent a verse in the mail like, a death threat
    The critically acclaimed composer, stand over
    whichever mute miniscule mic holder
    You never knew the real before, yo I show ya
    You need to make your thoughts more sober, think it over

    [Lady B] Take heed y'all, get a little P-5-D y'all
    Straight from the town of Phil-ly y'all
    But we about to give you what you need y'all
    Without a doubt (repeat 4X)

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