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Birthday Girl

The Roots

[Patrick Stump] [Chorus]
What is it we wanna do?
Now that I'm allowed to be alone with you
Birthday Girl it`s your birthday
Wherever you wanna go
Now you are old enough to go and see the R-rated show now
R-rated show

Yo, She said she was a magazine editor named Jenning
Backstage in high heels and painted on jeans
Probably had the most devious eyes I'd ever seen
Told me she was twenty-two she was only seventeen
She had sumthin' to hide she snuck in from outside
And got everybody gassed like the car I drive
With all that grown lady ass and my for rap vibe
She said she came to see them roots boy fallout live
But listen,


You see the girls look good but they brains not ready

I talk to a woman, he mind more steady
Probably something in the way they designed just more steady
I just let you recite cause the line so heavy
But I shoulda known better cause now I feel like
America's underbelly
R. Kelly got a smart better less, internet predators, chat-room irregulars
This not my twist
You trying to send me to the therapist


Now she told me cheddar cheese grits
Two tomato fried fish
Cause she heard it`s my dish
Tryna be my sidekick
All the people all around thinking she was my chick
Saying DAMN the girl thick
But she ain`t no twenty-six
Looking at me like am up to sumthin' on the funny tip

Like I ever been the one to honey jib
It`s your birthday so let me know the gift you wanna get
In fact blow out the candles on the cake and make a wish for me

They can't really seem to look away
So they tried asking her to stay
Fake I.D. you won't get turned away
You look lovely tonight
Now you are old enough to buy a gun
So many better ways of having fun
Right now I can only think of one
You look lovely tonight.


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