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Sweet Sounds of Heaven (Feat. Lady Gaga & Stevie Wonder)

Rolling Stones

Hackney Diamonds

I hear the sweet, sweet sounds of Heaven
Fallin' down, fallin' down to this earth
I hear the sweet, sweetest sounds of Heaven
Driftin' down, driftin' down to this earth
Bless the Father, bless the Son
hear the sound of the drums
As it echoes through the valley and it bursts, yeah
Let no woman or child go hungry tonight
Please protect us from the pain and the hurt, yeah

I smell the sweet
Sweet scents of Heaven
Tumblin' down (Comin' down)
Tumblin' down to the earth (From the earth)
I hear the sweet sounds (Sweet sounds)
The sweet sounds of children (Ooh, the sweet sounds)
And they're praisin' (Praisin')
The land of their birth (No)

No, I'm not, not goin' to Hell
In some dusty motel
And I'm not, not goin' down
In the dirt (Yes, yes, yes)
I'm gonna laugh (I'm gonna laugh)
I'm gonna cry (I'm gonna cry)
Eat the bread, drink the wine
'Cause I'm finally, finally quenchin'
My thirst (Yeah)

You can't have a light without a little shadow, yeah (Ooh)
Always need a target for your bow and arrow (Ooh)
I want to be drenched in the rain
of your heavenly love, oh, yeah, c'mon (Ooh)
Let the music (Let the music) play loud (Play loud)
Let it burst (Let it burst)
through the clouds (Through the clouds)
And we all feel the heat of the sun, yeah
Yeah, let us sing, let us shout (Let us shout)
Let us all stand up proud
Let the old still believe that they're young, yeah
Sweet, sweet sound

Sounds so sweet (Oh, it's so sweet)
Sounds so sweet (So sweet)
Heaven, Heaven
Down, falling down (Falling down) to this earth

Compositor: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

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