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Soular Flares

The Ready Set

Tantrum Castle

I've been thinking that the stars are all aligned,
I'm young but i am bright enough to read solar signs.
so is it cool if i call you around 8 or 9?
we'll talk a real long time about the days when we
were young,
we're still young. we're still young. we're still...

i told you that your heart's quite big and i like it,
but you were skeptical. skeptical
oh, can you feel me in the sunrise,
or in the daytime? i like your night eyes.
and you are beautiful in every single way,
i would like to see your shining face every day.
if i'm lying may the lightning strike me down to the
'cause i don't need electric currents when you're

I'll contrive a way to buy you diamond rings,
i'll sell all of my things or rob a jewelry store,
but what good could that do?
'cause love is something that just cant be bought or
it wont come when it's told it only comes from the

so do you got soul?
because you've got me so wrapped up in you.

so darling do you know how you got so lovely?
was it self-taught, learned from life?
you've got skills making boys go crazy,
and i've been running down the stairs again,
i think you're in my head girl,
i think i'm freaking out girl.

sometimes i wonder if you're even real,
if not it's cool, i don't wanna go back to
the way that it was, i don't wanna go back
'cause i think i may be.... (in love)


your relationships come and go,
but what makes a difference is
how you take advantage of the flirting eyes,
lips and thighs, romance and regrets,
this is a ship wreck.

i'm the one who fell in love and stayed that way.
so take my advice, love with your head
love with your heart, love with all you have.


So do you have?

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