The Ready Set

The Bad & The Better

You know I kinda really used to think
I could solve everything with a dollar
Then I met this pretty thing
and I knew I was wrong when I saw her
Get high when I call her, realize that it's all her

Don't need no money
Forget what you heard
I've got to wonder, what's a paycheck worth?

I've got everything I need standing next to me
This love's a luxury
All the best in life is free
Darling, I believe this love's a luxury

And now I kinda really can't complain
'bout a thing, everything's going my way
'Cause we fade the day away
To the rain when she lays right beside me
When you lay right beside me, fade away right beside

Don't it feel good? Don't it feel right?
Cash it all out, throw it up high?
Telling no lie, her love is a song up in my head
One of a kind, money can't buy

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