I'm A Rocker

The Raspberries


Back beat boogie got a hold on me, make me wanna jump and shout
Twisting like a top, I never want to stop tonight

You surely look like a [1, 3: magazine 2: movie queen]
And you can move like I've never seen
Reelin' and a-rockin, babe
Come on and dance with me

I'm a rocker, I'm a roller
I been a-boogieing since I ditched the stroller
So come on hold me tight
And we can rock the night away

Tight booted teenie with the smiling face
Make me want to smile and shake
Come on out today and shimmy like a rattlesnake

I get this feeling when I hear that beat
I gotta jump and get up on the table
'Cause when that rhythm and blues electrifies my shoes
I get the message like it came by cable (Hey!)

Hold me tight and we can rock the night away
So come on, hold me tight and we can rock the night away

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