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If You Change Your Mind

The Raspberries


Well, it's all been said, it's over now
I guess that I should leave
'Cause there's nothing left for me to do
Except to set you free

So let me leave now before I cry
I'll just go back to my room and hide
And never let noone else inside
To do this again

But if you change your mind, won't you take some time
And let me know that you still want me too
'Cause I'll wait night and day to hear you say
That you have changed your mind
Won't you change your mind
If you should change your mind, oh yeah

Well, I tried so hard to be the one
That you were dreaming of
But I guess it wasn't quite enough
To make you fall in love
So walk away, leave me by myself
And let me crawl back into my shell
And be the me that I know so well
Before I met you

I'll be waiting at home
Just call me up on the phone
And I'll be by your side, there's no reason to hide
If you need me just call, don't you worry at all
But if this is the end and I can't see you again
I just can't carry on, it's so hard when you're gone
It's so hard when you're gone, oh no
Oh no oh no oh
Baby don't leave, oh baby
Baby don't go
Oh, baby, don't go

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