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Something 2 Believe In

The Quicksteps

Society is looking down on you
Like you're a fool - no matter what you do
You cannot take your life in your own hands
You're gonna be stopped like you're standing on quicksand

But you've got...
Something 2 believe in, something you don't know
It'll help you to live your life just 2 get you out of that show

You cannot count on anyone but you
You're just a little toon in this cartoon
Every friend you have could also be your enemy
But if you open your eyes believe what you'll see

Somewhere there's...
Something 2 believe in, Something you will get
Your life becomes reality, don't be afraid, you better be glad

You wanna' live then you've got to fight
Cause freedom can't be earned in just one night
Do you wanna know how long this fight will take
If you wait too long for the rest of your life, so better start today

Then you'll find
Something to believe in, something gives you satisfaction
You'll get a new chance and then you'll find some better action

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