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Who's Gonna Love You

The Pussycat Dolls

Doll Domination 3.0

Nobody, nobody, nobody
nobody, a nobody,a nobody
A nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody..
Wait a minute...

Not a dream girl, not perfection,
Never said I was from Heaven, ido[ido]
But baby I could be the closest that you met
(y'all ain't ready its Nicole)

I was looking for that someone
That don't existed and he wasn't
What you want isn't always, what you get (lets go)

You want your girls to give advice
But you're always, always right
you want her naughtier than nice

You don't never wanna fight
Your wanna hang in there at home
Even when she's all alone
Your want everything but that's a dream

So tell me, me please (ladies)
Who's gonna love you baby
Who's gonna be there for ya
Who's gonna keep the faith the way that I do

Who's gonna hold you down
Pick you up off the ground
Whose gonna make your day the way that I do

Nobody, nobody, a nobody
A nobody, a nobody, nobody
Nobody, nobody
Wait a minute

The grass is always greener
From where you're standing
Something sweeter

You never know just what your got on till it's gone
But I'm the real thing and that's a good thing
Coz what I bring is really something

I'm the girl who will never...

Compositor: (Polow Da Don, Nicole Scherzinger, Kara DioGuardi)

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